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NARCOA Members

Insurance Program
2024 Liability & Physical Damage

United Shortline Insurance Services, Inc has been working with NARCOA for over 20 years as the constructor and manager of their insurance program. This program was designed exclusively for NARCOA and its members to cover their unique hobby. USI  proudly provides the mandatory liability coverage for all members as well as  the optional physical damage insurance coverage for your motorcars.

The NARCOA Liability for it's members covers up to $1,000,000 liability for each occurrence at NARCOA events and the insured's premises. 

Download the NEW 2024 NARCOA Liability Insurance application here.

The physical damage insurance covers loss or damage to your railroad rolling stock (motorcars) and, also covers hi-rail vehicles with one exception. Hi-rail coverage is in effect only while the vehicle is being operated on railroad tracks. Motorcars are not usually covered under the member’s homeowners or automobile insurance. It requires a special type of insurance coverage referred to as Commercial Inland Marine Insurance.


Download the NEW: 2024 NARCOA Physical Damage

Insurance application here. 

To bind/renew your personal coverage, please complete each application and return Tom Norman of NARCOA for Liability and to Julie Pettit of United Shortline Insurance Services, Inc. for the Physical Damage per instructions on each individual application.


It's important that you positively identify the motorcar(s) you're insuring. If you're not able to do so and you have a photo of the motorcar, please mail it with the application. If you have any questions about your application or the current premium due, please feel free to give us call at (989) 738-6400 and ask for Julie Pettit. 

To avoid any lapse in physical damage coverage, your check will need to reach the United Shortline Insurance Services office no later than March 31st. Payments received after that date will be processed, however the effective date of coverage will be the date application and payment is received.


PLEASE NOTE: PREMIUM IS FULLY EARNED. If you cancel coverage mid-term, there will be no return premium. IF you change motorcars, we will apply existing coverage to the replacement unit. You must contact our office via email or phone to make any change.

Target Clients

  • NARCOA Members

Coverage Highlights

  • Railroad Liability

    • Tourist / Excursion Railroad Liability with tailored coverages 

  • Physical Damage for NARCOA member


Primary Railroad Liability - 2024

NARCOA Physical Damage Application 

United Shortline Insurance Services accepts ACORD, ISO and proprietary program applications as submissions for risk.

Depending upon the complexity of the risk or specific coverage issues, additional information may be required.

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Underwriting Manager

Licensed in 45 States.

As a proud supporter and member of the railroad industry, USI is an active member of the following industry associations:

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