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Rolling Stock Advantage

Exclusively from United Shortline & The Hanover...

Specialized coverage developed specifically for your railroad business. Our team of railroad industry experts has been specializing in the short line railroad insurance industry for over 25 years.

The unique risk experienced by short line railroads go beyond those of most businesses in its need for specialized, complex coverage. It is essential that you partner with an insurance agency working closely with a highly rated insurance company that has the knowledge and experience in your industry to deliver the comprehensive protection you need. 

Coverage Highlights

  • Flat Wheel Coverage  

  • Business Income/Extra Expense 

  • Broadened Coverage Territory   

  • Optional Excursion Endorsement

  • Property Loaned, Leased or Rented to Others 

  • Flood and Earth Movement

  • Quarterly Rate Adjustment 



  • Railroad contractors & excursion operations minimum deductible of $5,000



  • Limits for leased and borrowed equipment 

  • Schedule equipment with full replacement cost or agreed cash value  


Client Profile

Our typical clients include:

  • Railroad Contractors

  • Railcar Lessors & Lessees

  • Suppliers

  • Shortline Railroads

  • Regional Railroads

  • Rail Service Companies

  • Tourist & Excursion Rail Operations

  • Rail Car/Locomotive & Parts Manufacturers

  • Track Owners



Primary Railroad Liability

Excursion Railroad Liability
Railroad Protective Liability
Railroad Contractors Supplemental

Railroad Property & Inland Marine Supplemental

United Shortline Insurance Services accepts ACORD, ISO and proprietary program applications as submissions for risk.

Depending upon the complexity of the risk or specific coverage issues, additional information may be required.

This information is not a representation that coverage does or does not exist for any particular claim or loss under any policy. Coverage depends on the facts and circumstances involved in the claim or loss, all applicable policy provisions, and any applicable law. Availability of coverage referenced in this document can depend on underwriting qualifications and state regulations. 

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Underwriting Manager

Licensed in 45 States.

As a proud supporter and member of the railroad industry, USI is an active member of the following industry associations:

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