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Railroad Contractors

Railroad operations and contractors have unique liability needs. We offer coverage designed specifically for damages resulting from covered perils. HUB International and USI can offer markets for both primary and excess programs over a wide variety of lines. 

We lead with General Liability Coverage that provides protection against injuries and property damage associated with railroad contracting, manufacturing and wholesaling work. This can also include coverage for advertising errors, libel, slander, defamation and product disparagement, including issues that occur on your website, bulletin boards and chat rooms. Manufacturer’s errors and omissions and product recall expense coverage can also be included.

The Hartford provides automatic protection for work within 50 feet of a railroad track (many carriers have an exclusion) plus automatic coverage for additional insureds and waiver of subrogation when required by written contract. Per project aggregate is also available.

Target Clients

  • Railroad contractors

  • Railroad Service providers and product manufacturers

  • Track owners

Coverage Highlights / Samples

    •    Automatic protection for work within 50 feet of the track (many carriers have an exclusion)
    •    Additional insureds and waiver of subrogation status when required by written contract
    •    Per-project aggregate also available

    •    Buildings and signs, business personal property, valuable papers, and accounts receivable
    •    Equipment breakdown and expediting expenses
    •    Property in transit, on business travel and at exhibitions
    •    Pollution cleanup and removal
    •    Consequential loss to stock

    •    Hired and non-owned autos
    •    Hi-rail autos and mobile equipment
    •    Autos rented by your employees on your behalf
    •    And 17 other beneficial coverages at no additional cost

  • INLAND MARINE: Specialized property coverage is available to help protect:
    •    Owned tools and equipment, including those that you lease, rent or borrow
    •    Employees’ tools
    •    Customers’ property while in your care, custody or control
    •    Raw materials awaiting installation at a job site


    • Written as a separate policy, this protection provides separate limits of coverage for work conducted on or near railroad tracks or railroad property for the Railroad, as a named insured. 


    • ​Designed to begin where our primary coverage ends, this extra layer of liability protection can give you added peace of mind and limits typically required in contracts. 



  • New Business with at least $150,000 revenue / payroll

  • Railroad & excursion operations minimum deductible of $5,000

Typical Limits

  • Up to $25 million (can be increased)

  • GL limits start at $1mill / 2mill up to $10mill / $20mill

  • Excess limits available over and above GL Limits

  • Follow Form Umbrella coverage


Primary Railroad Liability

Excursion Railroad Liability
Railroad Protective Liability
Railroad Contractors Supplemental

Railroad Property & Inland Marine Supplemental

Acord 125  Acord 126   /

Please return the attached applications with the submission requirements below: 

  • Supplemental Application (several may be required depending on company) 

  • Currently valued loss runs for the past 4-5 years (if available) from your current / past insurer. 

    • We can wait on these until binding. If not available

  • New Ventures: Resume or Professional Experience CV of the owner & business partners.

  • Estimated or current revenue/payroll of $150,000 + 

  • Fully completed ACORD applications

    • (#125, 126 for GL, 140 for property, etc. Only those needed for coverage requested) 

  • If you have them completed already, please send with new supplemental app. 

United Shortline Insurance Services accepts ACORD, ISO and proprietary program applications as submissions for risk.

Depending upon the complexity of the risk or specific coverage issues, additional information may be required.

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Licensed in 45 States.

As a proud supporter and member of the railroad industry, USI is an active member of the following industry associations:

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