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Railroad EPLI, D&O, E&O
Cyber Liability

Railroad operations and contractors also have typical risks that every other business does. In this litigious and digital world, there are many new exposures that the typical policy does not cover. USI  offer a variety of markets designed to cover these risks to complete your railroad's insurance portfolio. 


The need for cyber insurance is real.

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you need a cyber insurance policy:

  • Does your business accept credit card payments?

  • Does your business bank online?

  • Does your business use Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn?

  • Does your business store sensitive customer or employee data?

Cyber insurance protects businesses from computer, network and Internet based risks. The policy covers both first and third party loss. Every business that uses the Internet, accepts credit cards, or uses a system network needs cyber insurance.


Employment Practices Liability Insurance provides protection for an employer and its employees against claims made by current, former, or potential employees for actual or alleged discrimination, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, and other employment-related allegations.

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance (D&O) covers a privately held company
and its senior level management against lawsuits addressing their performance of
corporate duties and responsibilities. A D&O policy is designed to protect:
• the company against exposures not covered by its General Liability (GL) policy and
• the personal assets of its directors, officers and upper management when they are
sued and held personally liable for wrongful acts of the company



Monoline Liquor Liability for excursion railroads or corporations that sell or serve alcoholic beverages, offering protection for covered claims of negligent sale or service.
Key Advantages:

  • Assault & battery included or available for additional premium

  • No cap on alcohol sales

  • Defense costs outside the limit

  • Risks with security and major entertainment acceptable

  • Liquor License Holder included as Additional Insured automatically

  • Coverage available for both licensed and unlicensed operations

Target Clients

  • Freight railroads

  • Passenger railroads

  • Railroad contractors

  • Tourist & Excursion Rail Operations

Required Information to Quote

  • Commercial Acord Application & Supplemental Applications

  • Full description of operations for each entity

  • Minimum five years of historical losses

  • Minimum five years exposure data


Primary Railroad Liability

Excursion Railroad Liability
Railroad Protective Liability
Railroad Contractors Supplemental

Railroad Property & Inland Marine Supplemental

United Shortline Insurance Services accepts ACORD, ISO and proprietary program applications as submissions for risk.

Depending upon the complexity of the risk or specific coverage issues, additional information may be required.

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