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Railroad Protective Liability

Constructing Coverage to Keep Your Business Rolling...

Railroad Protective Liability (RRP) insurance is required of contractors who perform work on or around (within 50 ft) of railroad tracks, railroad right-of-way or owned railroad property. The coverage is project specific and covers bodily injury and property damage arising from acts or omissions relating to job-site operations being performed by the designated contractor.

A railroad protective liability policy meets several unique insurance needs in relation to commercial work conducted on or near railroad lines and railroad property. A typical commercial general liability policy specifically excludes any part of a contract or agreement that indemnifies a railroad for losses that result from construction or demolition within 50 feet of any railroad property, or that affects any railroad bridge, trestle, tract, roadbed, tunnel, underpass or crossing. 

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Target Clients

  • Commercial Contractors in need of Railroad Protective Liability

  • Railroad contractors

  • Railroad Service providers and product manufacturers

  • Track owners

  • Railroad Suppliers

  • Rail Service Companies

  • Rail Car/Locomotive & Parts Manufacturers

Coverage Highlights

  • ISO coverage form required by the Railroad Insurance Management Association (RIMA)

  • Occurrence basis with defense outside the limits

  • Admitted market basis, and deductibles are generally not required

  • Policy is for the term of the job, not annual basis

  • Typical limits are $2/6 million and $5/10 million (higher limits available)

  • $2,500 minimum premium



  • Railroad & excursion operations minimum deductible of $5,000


Typical Limits

  • Up to $25 million 

  • Railroad liability minimum SIR of $25,000


Railroad Protective Liability

Primary Railroad Liability

Excursion Railroad Liability
Railroad Contractors Supplemental

Railroad Property & Inland Marine Supplemental

Send submissions to:

United Shortline Insurance Services accepts ACORD, ISO and proprietary program applications as submissions for risk.

Depending upon the complexity of the risk or specific coverage issues, additional information may be required.

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